Fire Grilled Chicken
• Monterey Chicken
• Raspberry BBQ Chicken
• Grilled or BBQ Chicken
• Chicken Tenders

chops, briskets and more
• Raspberry BBQ Pork Loin
• RPI Bourbon Pork Loin
• Slow Roasted Pulled Pork
• Hog Heaven Combo

Hog Heaven

gourmet seafood
• New Orleans Style Shrimp
• Fried Alaskan Walleye (click for photo)
• Butterflied Fried Shrimp
• Grilled, Cajun or RPI Bourbon Salmon

• Ribs and BBQ Chicken
• Ribs & Fried Shrimp
• Ribs & Cajun Shrimp

• Ask your server for our current selection!









old fashioned sandwiches
• Porky's Delight - Pulled Pork (click for photo)
• Fried Walleye Po' Boy
• Jumbo Red - Breaded Pork Loin
• Grilled or BBQ Chicken Breast
• Super Pulled Pork Rueben

• Red Pig Style Pizza - Build your own!


• RPI Bourbon Pork Wrap
• Buffalo or Grilled Chicken Wrap
• Boss Hog Burger
• All American Hamburger
• Red Pig BBQ Cheeseburger